2015 Honda Pilot

It has been said that the 2014 Honda Pilot models come with minimal changes compared to its predecessor. Changes to the model are mostly cosmetic in nature. The intention of the people from Honda to model 2014 Honda Pilot correct some shortcomings of the previous model. The model will be completely redesigned 2015 model Honda Pilot. Redesign is expected in vehicle design as well as in the interior of the model. If you realize what you have planned the people from Honda is certain that the 2015 Honda Pilot crossover SUV to be perfect. It is expected that the model 2015 Honda Pilot to be a hit in the market and that will convincingly beat the competition.

2015 Honda Pilot
Honda’s practice is to model a year after Acura MD-X comes out and the Honda Pilot model. As Acura MD-X announced for 2014 and completely redesigned it is logical to expect that the same will happen with the 2015 Honda Pilot model.

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2015 Honda Pilot – what would be changed

As for the design 2015 Honda Pilot will be slightly different from the recently introduced Angry Robot design as it is becoming more modern in appearance, and in comparison to recent designs it will be less boxy, which is a matter of surprise for their users. This means that it is expected that the 2015 Honda Pilot to be very different from its predecessors. To make the experience complete 2015 Pilot comes with a number of upgrades involving off lamps, back-up camera, USB, cruise controller, steering wheel controll and upgraded climate control mechanism.

2015 Honda Pilot

As for the powertrain is expected to have 2015 Honda Pilot 3.5 L V6 engine with a 6 speed automatic transmission for models with all wheel drive, CVT for the front wheel drive versions and 310 HP 265 lbs. ft. Certainly V6 engine and 310 horsepower to enable full enjoyment of the ride. This next generation pilot is expected to have two separate transmissions: the six-speed automatic and the CVT automatic. This was what we were able to find out from people who are close to the company Honda since official data on the 2015 Honda Pilot models do not yet exist.

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