2015 Honda Pilot – new information

All fans of Honda cars eagerly await 2015 and the promotion of the new 2015 Honda Pilot models. Changes to the 2014 Honda Pilot models are small and more cosmetic nature. They boil down to additional options and equipment improve some flaws in the previous model. Model 2015 Honda Pilot comes completely redesigned. Redesign will include exterior and interior. 2015 Honda Pilot will hit the market in late 2015.

2015 Honda Pilot – Redesign


In the picture above you can see the Acura MDX prototype, the model will be the basis for the development of the 2015 Honda Pilot models. The rule is that the Acura MDX launches on the market a year before the models Honda Pilot. That will happen this time. As for the external appearance of the 2015 Honda Pilot it will be changed and will lose a distinctive cube-shaped form. The new 2015 Pilot will have a more rounded shape, and it will look a lot more modern.

2015 honda pilot interior
Current version loses a little pace with the competition, and have therefore decided to Honda for a big change and a complete redesign. Redesign will include the equipment that will be similar to the model 2014 Acura MDX. This means that the 2015 Honda Pilot comes with a few extra options such as off lamps, back-up camera, USB, cruise controller, steering wheel control and upgraded climate control mechanism. On the interior for now we can not say much except to expect high quality and luxurious materials than the previous model. 2015 Honda Pilot can accommodate up to 8 passengers as before.

2015 Honda Pilot – Engine

2015 honda-earth-dreams

This is expected to be a model 2015 Honda Pilot will be even lighter than the previous one and therefore will be less fuel consumption. If it is known that the previous model had low energy we can say that 2015  Pilot will be a champion in the class crossover vehicles in fuel consumption. As far as the engine has a lot of speculation but is expected modern Earth Dream Honda engine. It will probably be in the 3.5 L V6 engine with 310 HP and 265 ft. lbs. This engine will be matted to a 6 speed automatic transmission. The CVT will be available for the front wheel drive versions. Expected course and diesel engine still unknown displacement engine.

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